The Carmel Christian School Board is a standing committee of Carmel Baptist Church, comprised of twelve church members who serve four year terms. The purpose of the CCS Board is to carry out the church’s mission to make disciples of those nearest, our neighbors and the nations, through a K-12 Christian School.  The school board works with the school administration in creating and maintaining administrative policies, teams with the Head of School in planning for the future growth and development of the school, and has the responsibility for approving the annual budget.

The CCS Board appoints the Head of School, who is responsible for executing the policies set forth by the Board, hiring all other personnel, and overseeing the School’s daily operations.  (The CCS school board does not get involved in the day to day operations of the school as the Head of School and his administrative team is responsible for this. School board members cannot help with discipline or other day to day student issues.)

2018-2019 School Board
Chad Bryant,
John Capell
Eric Fletcher
Anne Jordan
Partick McCrory,
Elder Liason
Renee Ratcliffe
Sara Reynolds
Andrew Riebe
Robert Russell
Daniel Sanders
Hugh Shannon
Stephanie Spies
Erik Swanson

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