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Early Dismissal
To report an early dismissal, please send an email to: hsattendance@carmelchristian.org. Early dismissals should be made a minimum of one hour prior to dismissal and be before 2:45 pm, in order to not conflict with carline traffic. (If this link doesn’t open in your email carrier, please copy and paste in your email.)

Early Dismissal Day Schedule
Grades K-5:  12:00 noon

Grades 6-12:  12:15 pm

High School Instagram Account
CLICK HERE to complete the follow request form. After completing the form, request to follow us at: @ccs_hs_1993

Middle/High School Arts Auditions (Spring)

Please click HERE for audition information listed by division and class. Please carefully review the audition requirements for each elective and submit the application by the appropriate date for consideration. 

Student Parking Permit Request
HS students will need to fill out this form in order to park on campus.  If we have to limit parking due to spaces available, priority will be given in the following order: Seniors and submission date, Juniors and submission date, sophomores and submission date, Freshmen and submission date. Families will be notified of final decisions prior to the start of school.

Student Request of NC Driver Eligibility Forms

The NC Driver Eligibility Certificate may only be requested upon completion of a Driver’s Education course. Students must provide the documentation given to them upon completion of their Driver’s Education course in order to pick up the Eligibility Certificate. Certificates expire after 30 days, so it is best to wait to request the certificate until the student has a confirmed appointment with NC DMV. There is a issue limit of one form per student.
(Click here to complete form.)

Certificates take a minimum of 48 hours to process. Students will be emailed when their certificate is ready for pick-up in the main school office.

Dress Code
2021-2022 School Uniform Policy (refer to Family Handbook)
High school students will not need to purchase clothing for PE until they attend their first class of the school year. The PE teacher will instruct students regarding appropriate clothing for their class. If you currently own a PE uniform, you may continue to wear it to PE classes in the 2020-2021 school year

High School Dance Dress Code

for links to summer programs, forms, teacher recommendation forms and more!

Junior/Senior Off Campus Lunch: Juniors/Seniors do have the option of leaving campus for lunch. However, we MUST have a permission slip on file from a parent. No students will be able to leave without a form on file. No exceptions. Click here to download form and return to HS office.

High School Teacher Webpages: Google Classroom  (You can access through your child’s Google account.)

Windy Gap Student Packet Packing lists, arrival times etc.  All you need to know for an awesome trip at Windy Gap!