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Early Dismissal Schedule
Grades K-5:  12:00 noon
Grades 6-12:  12:15 pm

5th Grade Moving On To Middle School
Tuesday, November 12
6:30 pm, Student Center Auditorium
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Grades K-12
Friday, November 15
7:30 am, Classrooms

2019 Elementary CARLINE MAPS:
There are several carline options, please scroll through the PDF and select a map for your family.
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Morning Drop off: Drop your elementary students off at the youngest elementary carline location (UNLESS you also have a middle school or high school sibling)
  • K-2 (begins at 8:00 a.m.) : Enter Reverdy Lane and turn Left at the first CCS entrance.  You will weave through the parking lot and drop off by the Main Worship Doors
  • 3-5 (begins at 8:00 a.m.) : Enter CCS at the main light. When you come in, turn left to enter the lot by the baseball fields. Drop off by the WEE School doors
  • Elementary students with MS sibling (begins at 7:40 a.m.) : Enter Reverdy Lane Take the 2nd Left into CCS and drop off by the Gym doors (Your elementary students will be walked in by their MS sibling to Sibling Morning Care in the Student Center Gathering Space.)
  • Elementary students with HS sibling or both MS and HS siblings (begins at 7:40 a.m.) : Refer to K-2 drop off but instead of weaving through the lot, drive straight down to the Main Worship Doors (Your elementary student(s) will be escorted by their HS sibling to Sibling Morning Care in the Student Center Gathering Space.)
Afternoon Pick Up:
You should have received a colored carline tag from your oldest elementary student’s teacher. Elementary students go to their oldest elementary student’s carline location UNLESS they have a MS or HS sibling. 
  • RED carline: Grades 1-2 with no older elementary siblings AND all elementary students with a HS sibling: Enter from Reverdy Road. Use the first left entrance into CCS. Weave through lot to pick up by Main Worship doors. If you have a High school student, then proceed to park and wait for your High school student.
  • GREEN carline: Any elementary student with a Middle school sibling (this excludes families that also have a HS sibling): Enter from Reverdy Rd. Take the 2nd left entrance into CCS and you will pick up by the Gym doors and then park your car and wait for your middle schooler.
  • YELLOW carline: Elementary students grades 3-5 and their younger siblings. These students DO NOT have middle or high siblings. Enter at the main light. Turn left to enter the parking lot by the baseball fields. Line up in the spaces where directed to pick your students up by the WEE school doors.

Extended Day/Enrichment:
Music Lessons (Grades K-12) 
(piano, guitar, voice and flute)

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2019-2020 Elementary School Uniform Policy
Purchase 5th grade PE uniforms from Lands’ End.PE uniforms from previous years may be worn.

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